Long gun picture thread 2.0


Got to have a little fun today for the first time in a month or so. Me and my brother @SuppressedNationJoey finally got to get some video and snap a few pics of my son plinking with Joeys new hunting rig


Thank you, @EQuinn! I am feeling much better.

And thank you @switchpod for sharing the specs.



srdiver: Funny!

So, was the wife convinced?

And speaking of which, seems like the .45-70 could handle most of those hunting needs.


Here I was thinking maybe what he really needs is a new wife.


I see your point, aly.bel. But, despite my love of guns, can’t forget about my love of my wife.

Just have to live with the potential limitations. Or, take her shopping more often so she will be more open to my having more guns.


That’s very valid and appreciated. Thank you for the comment.

For me, I couldn’t be with someone that wasn’t at least accepting of my passions and have proven this by ending an engagement to a man who thought I spent too much time with my horse.

Barring his purchases putting the family in a difficult financial situation, should he not be supported and loved for his passions or at least have them tolerated? And frankly, this particular man seems to also be using firearms in a way that supports the family through food.

Not trying to get into an argument. I’ve just seen enough relationships where people get married and then one party thinks they get to change and/or control. But my perception is skewed having worked with a lot of broken families.



I agree with you - no argument here.

But, it (in my case, at least), comes down to how much money is ok to spend on guns, equipment, ammo, etc. Over the years that I have been married (more than 15 years), it has worked out. I have almost as many guns as I want (still have a few on my list to buy), and am ok on ammo and equipment. So, though there were some initial arguments, over time, they have pretty much disappeared and I am getting what I wanted. Of course, I make sure my wife’s shopping list is taken care of, too.


My middle son wanted me to share this with you guys, It’s one of his favorites.


@ZEKESHOOTS, that’s awesome👍


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Too bad it’s magpuled our



beautiful AK - lucky son!


Lets try to keep comments civil please. We’re all proud of our guns.

Thanks all.


Nice set up!


Very nice!!


I aam thinking of going to the next level… 40mm but my 37mm is fun…


I’ll take that pesky 37 millimeter off you so you have room in your safe for your 40 mm! :slight_smile:


The Zuchov stock is junk
Plastic hinged on the folding mech
I’ve broken 1 not even really trying


Damn! You guys have got some nice stuff! I hope I can keep up :slight_smile:

I’ll start out with one of my favorites in the collection, a Mossberg US44(b) I bought it off the used gun rack at Cabela’s for $100. It was beat to hell, but I really liked it. I had been wanting a “just for fun” competition .22 and thought this rifle had some merit, so I decided try my luck on a restoration project.

It really was in sad shape as you can see by these few photos (I photographed every inch of the rifle before I started):

But, when it was all done, I felt like I had some really good luck in restoration and it turned out nice for my first effort:

5 6 4

It absolutely hates conical ammunition and won’t even load one in the chamber, but will load anything else all day long without issue. It’s a fun shooter, heavy as hell, but it does what I set it up for :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking…