Long gun picture thread 2.0


Awesome, very nice!


Really nice! :+1:


That would be correct. I usually go out there only if the tactical commandos haven’t shot up tv’s and other small appliances.


This is my daily carry… when I do not have a bullpup or my other little friend. Bottom is my work gun… top is my truck gun. I do not run around to often with my work gun. :grin:


Nice hardware!!


Thats a sexy rifle…is there buis on it?


Which one? You mean the optic?


The LWRC, im just giving you crap though. I have buis on all my rifles but I dont run inforce flashlights (or whatever they are called).



Both are LWRC maybe I am not understanding what you mean… sorry, not good with acronymswhat is a buis?


Back up iron sights


Thanks… with out it being capitalized… it didn’t dawn on me.
On my daily carry LWRC I run their skirmish sights. While not popups, they are very strong and work well. I wish the front sight post had the locking detent in the “mil spec” location so I could run Blitzkrieg front sight post. But they clock theirs at a 45° angle…


I was just messing around with you about not having back up iron sights on your rifle. My bad if that was confusing, ive been up going on 25 hours and my caffine is not working so i will be speaking gibberish befor to long.


Oh, got it… well the one with just the Aimpoint is a select fire. I do not run around with that very often for obvious reasons. So, I do not need backup sights. :grin:


Here is mine, needs a bit of work still.


I love my old stuff, but I also love the new stuff too lol.

Here’s a couple of my ARs. The first is a build I did with a Palmetto lower, Ares Defense upper/BCG and trigger, Luth-AR buttstock, Vortex red-dot with swing to the side 3X magnifier:

And my Ruger. I changed out the furniture…I love Magpul products, but I just have never found one of their
buttstocks that will sit snugly on the buffer tube. I really like the CAA products and am happy with how this simple rifle turned out. It’s a fun one to shoot:


With the wacky left losing their minds today about the AR15, again. I decided it was time to put my comp AR back together. Weighs in at 9 pounds. Elftmen trigger and stock with a Adams Arms COR upper. This thing is a dream to shoot.


Love the picture!


Had my boss pick up this new Radical Firearms AR 15 today (Stafford Texas) 5.56 16in barrel. Nice , solid gun for $500! Brought it home to properly clean & mount reflex site on it for him. Probably hit the range with it tomorrow to torture it a little :japanese_ogre: