Longest sniper shots



G7 Rangetech New Contributor

It’s amazing the kind of range these guys are getting. The amount of tuning that goes in to barrel length, twist rate, bullet weight, shape, powder, etc.


HAHAHA Lord have MERCY, Hathcock sniping charlie with a 50 cal machine gun.:joy:


Holy Cow.
Those shots seem like something that were once considered only possible with artillery.


I thought it was some interesting detailed reading material! Simply Amazing!


You mean to tell me those are not belt fed sniper rifles?


Makes the 1,000yd ones on youtube look simple eh?


Don’t buy the #1, I remember reading about it when it happened.


My younger brother was a Marine Corp Sniper, Hathcock would show up during the course at some point to have a meet and greet with the Marines in the class, One of the Marines in the class blurted out about the shot through the scope from Vietnam, everybody got quiet, Hathcock smiled at him and said, Don’t believe everything you read, my brother said everyone was looking around at each other with funny looks on they’re faces…no one asked him to elaborate further…Many stretched stories come from the battlefield…


One of the best sniper stories is one that didn’t happen.
During the American Revolution against Great Britain, a British rifleman supposedly had George Washington in his sights.
For unexplained reasons he wouldn’t take the shot.
Whoever he was, he must count as a true American Hero.