Look at what the postman brought me

good thing he rings twice
worse part is seeing the delivery notice on the internet with out for delivery


more to follow
now comes the ecchy part


I know I’m gonna regret not buying one…

They are on sale now at classic firearms!

I know. I was gonna buy one but they didn’t have my FFL listed and I couldn’t be bothered so I bought a wheelgun. That’s why I said in gonna regret it. :frowning:

My wife is pregnant so I cannot buy any more firearms until the little one is born.


Well in that case congratulations and I totally understand.


Thanks! But I really like buying/collecting firearms. Haha.

So in the spirit of Brotherhood I just ordered an M57. We will see how it stacks up agents my Romanian Tokarev!

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it’s done just waiting for the pictures
@Robert it’s 7.62 x 25 would love a .32 but those are one of the bad words up here.

dee gooed with a $1.00 worth of diesel

you will notice something or maybe the lack of - has a mag safety and half cock

Yugo coat of arms haven’t checked the year yet

hmmm no import marks either…


Tokarav is a hot caliber no doubt and a beautiful firearm.

Love the CZ52 Tokarev also…Always worried about thugs learning about ballistics and buying these gems you can get as military curio relic type surplus low cost weapons vs some cheesy hi-point or California davis or jennings piece of crap 9mm. The Tokarev will blow through level 3 body armor.

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Very nice looking pistol!