Looking at a possible new side arm

So I’m looking at a Glock 19X for carry and because my AR-9 takes Glock double stacks. So it would mean carrying one ammo and one type of mag.
Looked at the Gen 5 19, but there is just something about the 19X that is calling my name.
The one I ‘m looking at is in almost new condition and is about $550. What do ya’ think.


Sounds like a good combination. I have the gen5 g19 bought it before the 19x or g45 came out. Really like the extra grip and capacity the later 2 have over the one I have. Don’t know about anyone else’s experience with glocks but mine has never failed to work and I have put many different brands through it for practice ammo.


Good choice, the 19x or the model 45… I personally run a model 22 (full size 40) however I run it with conversion parts for 9mm, .357Sig and 22 lr… Nice to have options! The shorter top end makes for slightly better concealed carry, personally I’d rather have more barrel…


Yeah deal fell through. Guy want $550 with only one 19 rd mag, and only wanted to give me $150 for my Astra 400 that is in near new condition. He would not take $150 plus my Star Firestar M-43 with the stainless starvel finish, and the Astra 400 for the 19X. So I told him he is just too proud of the thing and he could keep it.


funny I just decided to buy this as my next pistol


I just finished a review on my 19 at 5000 rounds and it still trucking along great. My 19X is currently at 1500 rounds and it’s yet to have a failure to fire


the video
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