Looking For A Good EDC Backpack

So, I’ve been hauling around a high sierra pack that I got at a Meijer in Northern Michigan for about 2 years now, it’s great and I love it, but my dog has decided he also likes it. The taste of it that is.

I’m in the market for a new EDC bag. Generally, I prefer to get non-descript bags to carry all of my stuff in. This time around however I’m more open to suggestions on more main stream / name brand bags from companies that produce bags that are more focused on EDC items as opposed to college books and laptops.

So far, I’ve looked into Oakley, Maxpedition, The North Face, and several smaller no brand companies who are also carried at smaller retail outlets like High Sierra.

My primary daily use is to and from the office, and a couple of classes that I’ve been taking at the local college in order to improve on some perishable skills like Photoshop for work. What are you guys carrying, and why? What brands should I look into, and which companies should I avoid at all costs?

5.11Tactical not cheap but durable

I’ll looK into both of these. I have a camelback already, it’s a solid bag that I have attached to the back of my Rhodesian vest.

I really like my Vertx bags look into them pretty discrete and mission focused.

Generally I carry a Mystery Ranch ASAP. It’s not discreet like others but it’s handy and has plenty of space and is very comfortable. Personally I am looking for a more discreet bag. The Vertx EDC Transit sling is the bag I am thinking about trying since it is discreet and small but will still hold everything I need.

I am a fan of Maxpedition. I have one of the slig type for EDC to work. Has personal things, Ipad, phone etc etc. As I live in NH but work in MA. I can’t carry any preferred personal protection. I also use one of there “tactical” brief case. I use it as a lite range bag when heading to the indoor range for an hour or so. Reserve my large bag for the gun club days when I can shoot for half the day and not think about anything else. Currently looking into a full Maxpedition back pack that I saw onsale at Dvor. My slig bag I have added a couple extra pouches to tailor to my needs. Only thing I didn’t like from them was the method of attaching to MOLE. I felt the straps were far to loose. I went with Blackhawk method of attachment. Good luck, I am sure whatever you pick from the brands you mentioned, you can’t go wrong.

I keep a well stocked ruck in the back of my car. But you are probably looking for something more portable than that for your school books and stuff. I guess, why limit yourself to just one? EDC for basic stuff and keep the bug out in the trunk.

For EDC, I always liked the MSM and Tactical Taylor collaboration - the adapt pack.

Had a lot of good luck from Tactical Tailor.


Specifically this one:


Had it for a couple years and its been a great pack to have.

I use 2 different bags. My favorite is the Triple Aught Design EDC. It’s a great pack not to big. But not to small. The quality is second to none. Plus it’s all made in the USA.
The also have a small pack called the lightspeed. Check them out.

My second pack is a sling pack from
Fieldline Got it at Walmart. Think it was $30. It’s much smaller but I like it For riding the motorcycle. It’s just a quick and light pack. Won’t fit a bunch of crap in it. But it’s a EDC bag . Not a bug out bag.

Other good packs that come
To mind is the 5.11 packs. They have several

Or check out lapg.com. They have their own packs that are super cheap like $30- 40

Bunch of great suggestions so far. I’ll put in a vote on Maxpedition as well. We use a bunch of their bags in my immediate family. Real durable, well organized bags, though pricey.

An alternative that I’ve tried is 3V Gear. Pretty nice, less organizational stuff, but economical. Bought my Velox II for $50, then added a 15% discount for following them on Instagram. Good quality overall, but their waist belt is attached poorly. Easily fixed, though.

I love Tactical Taylor stuff… Good call…

5.11 Tactical has a bunch of great bags at a variety of sizes and styles. Highly recommend 5.11 products. They’ll last you a real long time.

Another vote for Maxpedition. I don’t have one of their backpacks, but I do have their Mongo Versipack, which is kind of like a sling pack. I actually got it for use as a diaper bag of all things. As you can imagine, diaper bag use can be taxing. It’s gotten thrown about everywhere, squished, spilled on, stepped on countless times, dragged on concrete, ran over by strollers, rained on while in my truck’s bed, and despite all that it’s held up real well!

Do youself a favor and never get yourself anything with molle or velcro on it. It attracts attention.

I hate when I see guys in their tactical bullshit.

Find a decent backpack that has a dedicated pocket for your handgun. Get a north face or something.

All these guys posting pics of molle and velcro backpacks are the type of dudes that have glock stickers on their cars.

Don’t advertise. Conceal


It’s a little less discreet, but no overbearing in my opinion. I’ve been looking at the LAPD Atlas 24 hour bag as an advanced Medical kit to keep in my vehicle when my family travels. I have not purchased it, but sootch00 did a favorable review for it on youtube. Its around the $60 price range on amazon. Should work just fine as a decent capacity EDC carry.

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B017VXFU8A good choice as a EDC bag.