Looking For A Good Plate Carriers


I’ve been looking around for a good plate carrier. I’m not looking to break the bank and my budget is $250 or less. Does anyone have any good suggestions?


You’re going to have to give more details. Do you want a cummerbund or no? What size plates do you want to use? Steel or composite? How much stuff do you plan to hang on it?


I do want a cummerbund, I will be using 11x14 plates, More than likely will be wearing AR500 level 3+ steel plates. I will use it to carry AKM mags and will probably attach a Molle attachable backpack on the back.


In that price range, with a cummerbund, I’d look at the “Shellback Tactical Banshee Rifle Plate Carrier”($170 at Optics Planet). Lighter, but much closer to your limit($250), is the “Crye JPC”. It doesn’t have a true cummerbund, but will accept MOLLE on the sides. Obviously you could go cheaper with a “Condor” brand carrier, but they are much heavier and not near as well built.


BDS Tactical for me is the best out there. American Made and made to order


Condor with options…