Looking for a M21 Boyd stock


Anybody know where to get a M21 walnut stock with the built in adjustable cheek riser?




That’s a complete build. I’m just looking for the stock.


The Boyd’s M14 stock won’t work?.. It’s in stock, for $111 right now.

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Sorry about that. Ok this should work then.


That’s what I’m looking for. Thank you.

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It would it it had an adjustable comb. I’m trying to find one for my brother as a gift.


Unfortunately he’s not willing to ship it. Thanks for the help though. This is looking to be a pain in the ass to find.

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You’re looking for a Unicorn here. Boyd’s only made these adjustable-comb stocks for Springfield Armory. They were never for sale to the public.

That’s the only time you’ll see that kind of stock on an M21 replica - the real ones never had it, ever.

Fulton Armory solves the problem like this:

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If you truly want that top one, pictured above, then you need to find someone that bought a Springfield Armory M21 replica, and wants to get rid of their stock. That’s the only way… Sucks to hear, but life can be hard sometimes…

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