Looking for ammo suggestions

So far I refuse to give freedom my money and I prefer not to get into it because this post will be super long.

I have a solgw upper

Now so far with what I’ve used of my supply of freedom new xm193 it’s good but is there a better bullet weight I should be looking at?

55g works well but according to a picture I have I should be using 62-75

Well you cannot say that and not get in to it at some point. That’s like the bigass red button you’re told not to press…but…its a bigass red button that says push me!

On to the topic. Are you asking about for range/practice or HD/SD or a mixture of both?

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Both(20 character bullshit)

For range practice using 5.56 I use just some Federal American Eagle 55gr JHP (the MSR stuff). Get good groups and accuracy up to about 100yds when I zero the red dot at that distance and it isn’t all that expensive. I could use this for HD/SD but I choose to have a mag loaded with some Silver Bear .223 Rem 62gr HP for that instead. I have a .223 Wylde barrel so I can shoot either of these very accurately. I feel like I get more stopping energy out of the 62gr but I’m not an expert nor have I run a ballistics test…

Range/Practice Ammo:

Defense Ammo:

Keep in mind I’m an AR noob and only an average shot with a semi-auto rifle. I’m more of a handgun guy who’s trying to get in to long guns. So take that in to consideration when reading my post. :cowboy_hat_face:


I’m a big fan of Hornady. I’f I’m not buying a bulk deal, I’ll look at what the gunshop has for them. Hornady Black is a great range round if you’re not just straight mag dumping, and I’ve never had a problem with their hollow-points feeding.

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When it comes to 5.56, I only buy federal in bulk. Me & my buddy pitch in & buy a pallet to split. Great savings if your getting 10-50k rounds.


What’s that run? :thinking:

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@Chuparosa last time we bought, 25k rounds, I believe it was $5k? Not certain. Another place I found was Tipos de balas para armas de fuego - ¡Compra tu arsenal! check them out .