Looking for firearms classes? Here's a resource to get notified of new classes from talented instructors

There are many darn good shooting instructors out there, many of which travel. The trick is knowing where and when they come to your area. This new site seems to be a great resource to help people find classes in their area.

Buying new gear won’t help you get better nearly as much as a class will.


Oh yeah.

This site has a new feature.

You can get notifications for classes in your area based on your zip code.


I subscribed. I haven’t been notified of anything near me yet even though I’m about 30 miles south of Dallas. So I may have done something wrong when I registered.

You gotta set your zip code in your profile. Emails go out once a week. And the instructor set is a little limited, but new instructors getting added all the time. It is a new site, so it’s growing.

Gotta bear with some of the growing pains.

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I’ll make sure my zip is in my profile. Looks like it has good potential for those of us interested in taking classes.

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Good stuff. I really need to get some formal training in.


You mean I didn’t get all the life skills for driving and shooting (and everything else I can imagine) in my DNA at birth?

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Quality training is the fastest way to get better!


I agree completely.

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