Looking for Gun Law news


I haven’t been able to find any data on what gun laws (if any) have changed since Trump took office. Does anyone have any further data on this?


All I got is that the National Association for Gun Rights is sending in a petition to the Trump WH to repeal O-Bummer’s executive orders restricting the importation of close to 1 million US weapons in S. Korea. The reason we’re not hearing alot right now is that there is alot of opposition to the “big ticket” items on Trump’s list: repealing Obamacare, tax reform, immigration, combating Islamic terror, bringing jobs back to the US, etc. Pro-2A stuff is more on the back burner, I guess. The HPA was introduced in the Senate in January, but I haven’t heard anything.


TN reps passing a “suppressor encouragement bill” at this time i think.