Looking for pics and info on leather holsters


So im going to be ordering a Ruger GP100 in the near future and im just looking to get educated a little on leather owb holsters ,pics or links would be appreciated. I tried googling this and various things pop up like swivel holsters, jordan holsters etc. All ive ever used has been safariland and bladetech kydex stuff so im way out of my element here.


This is who I ordered my rig from and thats it pictured with the FAL


can not say enough positive about them or the experience

They schooled me on a sad circumstance, while its a ranch the leather comes from china, we have no tanneries in the US per EPA, similar to whats happening with lead smelters

so they ship the leather to china, and buy it back

then make what you want :sunglasses:



Alien Gear makes a decent inexpensive OWB.


hmm, have to admit, when I think of revolvers I think of leather, that looks pretty damn well form fit though

RHT makes double layer 100% to order
I had no complaint, it takes a month+ but they tell you in advance


@Robert, I hear you loud and clear on the leatherđź‘Ť options I like having lots of options


I have fallen in love with Kramer horsehide. They offer multiple ones for the gp100. Im going on 5 years and I carry at least 90% of the time im not in work. Still just like new.