Looking foreward to this game. (GreedFall)

Its a fantasy game based in the 17th century.

"An island paradise has been discovered by colonial forces from several distinct nations from fictional lands, but with magic and monsters.[2] You play as a neutral Human who recently arrived at the island, able to ally yourself with either the native Elves who inhabit the land, or any of the foreign nations competing to conquer and colonize the “new” land. "

“The player, alongside other settlers, mercenaries, and treasure hunters, explore a remote island where the locals, who are fighting off invading settlers, are protected by supernatural beings. The game includes combat, diplomacy, and stealth. The player’s decisions influence and affect the game’s story, as well as the relationship between the different factions established on the island.”

Heres a review someone did:

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Hmmm interesting. I’ll check this out tonight.


I am playing this game and trust me its quite interesting game so far, I love to play it, developer did a great job no doubt, I especially bought a PS4 from for playing this game, kindly tell me more games like this.

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