Looking to make my first nfa purchases and need some help


So I really want to get the paperwork for a couple 556 cans in before the end of the year and in stuck.

I have an upper for a 10.5 pistol build from solgw coming and I’d like to get one for my 16" solgw build as well.

I have been eyeballing 2 trash pandas because size and weight, but it’s a .30 on a 556 and that’s going to be higher than average db ratings over a dedicated 556 can(from my over a year of reading).

I really can’t wait for Q to release a dedicated 556 can because the longer I wait the longer it takes for the stamps.

And because of this conundrum why should I buy any other 800-900$ can when the yhm cans are fantastic for the price.


Lots of suppressor people here to help

@SuppressedNationJoey @SuppressedNation_Chris and many more


go look at Rebel Silencers…cheap and easy to use for multiple calibers…I bought high end for my AR’s ( Surefire SOCOM QD ) and wish now I would have done something else, it’s a great can, but expensive…


I sell suppressors and I have tested a lot of them. I actually really LOVE the yankee hill. They are quiet, light enough… easy to put on with the QD mount and the price is spot on.
I have spent and shot some expensive stuff… has not impressed me to much but for the Stinger Worx. But they are a grand worth of titanium.
Until Rex Silentium comes out with their new line of cans, Yankee Hill machine is the one I grab… I have 6 I think in use.


The q cans are awesome. Little largwr then o prefer but thats me. I would highly not recommended a rebel. Repeat NOT!! They are cheap and you definitely get what u pay for. The yhm cans are very nice and great price point. Does come with higher back pressure. I’m a big fan of the Sand man S and rugged razor. Both are 30cal cans and if you want the added dB or two which your ears can’t hear add a 556 endcap. The new rms2 hopaii is a great 556 heavy use can. The rex honoris is short, sounds good but heavy. Really depends on what you are using them for as to what I’d recommend.


I have yet myself to try a Sandman. But I will.
Rex Silentium is working hard on dropping weight. Totally new design coming out that is welded instead of having an outer tube


What is the big difference besides length between the K, L, and S in the sandman?


Just shot a few cans back to back and if you want a good 556 dedicated can look at the rms2 Hopaii!! Boy did it sound good. It’s beefy bit made for abuse.


Now if only I could buy from them… hahhahahahaa


for the average shooter/hunter they will do the job…if you compete/train and shoot a lot of rounds then higher end is better same with a lot of other low/high end items. a rebel can would work well for me and a lot of people on regular deer rifle for the limited use, it also gets someone into a can for a reasonable cost and for most part will also get them to buy more…one is never enough after you get the first one…


Sorry it’s been so long since I checked in last. Life sucks

Anywho I am mostly going to go with a SS kiosk as it’s the local and I think I will get a Griffin Armament m4sdk unless someone can suggest a better can than that or else I will just get a couple yhm turbo556s instead and save some money and deal with the fact that I don’t have anything “better”.


I actually love my Yankee Hill Turbo and Resonator


Welcome back!


The yhm is one of the nicest cans I’ve seen in that price range. Best overall performing 556 I’ve shot is the RMS2 hopaii. Accurate ,repeatable, modular rear endcaps allow you to choose direct thread or from many other company mounts and it makes my 10.5 556 hearing safe and a pleasure to shoot.


Thanks people’s, I keep reading how many have been disappointed with it but I also see people disappointed with their higher end purchase so I’m just going to get a couple unless I can justify the extra cost for a Griffin because it seems no one has been disappointed with theirs.


Griffin makes a great can.


Has anyone here used the Griffin recce5 mod4?


Ok so yhm is making a turbo k!
Interchangeable mounts that everyone is going to now, comes with a dt and qd end.
Many are reporting they will sell the mounts and use other systems they maybe invested in.

I think I will get this instead of turbos, yes it’s going to be loud as fuck on a 10.5 but so does everything else so the price makes it worth it to me.

Please change my mind because I have no need for a can any larger than 556 and everything else is seriously not worth the cash.

Everyone says x brands mounts are best, I say if it’s not aac tooth it’s a good mount.



So I love the Turbo and yes… I like the mount. Super easy. I have not seen the little K can yet… I will get one.


If you already know its louder then normal cans then i think everything else youll love. Some people go and buy k expecting under 140db which wont happen. Hansohn Brothers sent me a bunch of pix from shot of it and said its a winner. Not sure who you will buy from but sign up for an account and email him your a full30 member to see special pricing across Hansohns site!