Looking to trade a WASR AK for... (Texas residents only for now)

I’ve got this AK in the link at the end of the post—it is also where I bought it. Fired less than 5 mags through it. Have original 30rd mag, a 30rd PMAG and a 30rd metal mag (Unused) to go with it. Nothing wrong with it, I just like ARs and handguns better. Plus my wife likes ARs better too. :cowboy_hat_face:

I’m primarily looking for a 1911 but would consider other handguns (not plastic) or milsurps for trade. Maybe would also consider a complete AR9 or an AR57 upper as well. I’d like to trade with another Texas resident as to ensure the legality of owning this item and the ability to deal with in person. Can arrange a range visit so any perspective interested party can examine and test fire it themselves. I strongly recommend an in-person range visit so you can be satisfied with it before trading. I’ve got plenty of ammo. :slight_smile:

Pictures of the item will be available upon request for serious inquiries only.