Looking towards a new project, welcome to weigh in.

Well most of yawl have seen the YUGO M72 project and I hope to take to the ranges soon. but looking forward with that build a few parts will change under the hood but not much. A few things to be added on to it but yawl have a idea from my post.

Moving forward I’m looking at a future build to keep myself busy. Was looking at a HK project or maybe a PSL project. If you have a idea for a project that won’t break the bank let me know below. Working on being more interactive with the forum. So show me what you got.






Man you are fast. I looked at one of those kits a long time ago and it was tempting but I have my MPX plus the magazines are a bit of a pain to come by. I have in my sight a HK91 plus get the collapsible stock. On the other side of expensive would be a PSL parts kit build. But the kick you just listed has a 9 mm Barrel which is really groovy