Looks like it finally coming all together.


I have to say it’s been a long time coming waiting for parts to come in and make sure they all work together. The most important part of all was the receiver that came in today From Recreator Blanks :ak47: :sunglasses:. I picked it up at my local fun store and after that decided to take it home to see how it look. I have a wbp parts kit that is pure virgin and a very virgin receiver. Talk about tight fit i’m going to have to do some grinding and maybe some cutting to relieve the rear portion of the receiver to fit the boat carry in so I can slide. It does hang up a bit in the middle

So far I’m excited if I have all the parts plus the builders jacket that I bought from Legion arms. No to list it up

  1. WBP Polish parts kit. :face_with_monocle:
  2. LegionArms JIG kit
  3. Blood sweat and tears, plus some pain of frustration along the way :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
  4. 20 ton press
  5. Dremel tool kit. “Yes I know, Just listing it” :joy:
  6. rs regulate sid rail.
  7. Most importantly the help of FULL30 forums. :wink:
    @ZEKESHOOTS @Glockshooter79 @Mel64D @switchpod


Right on @MikeBlack47! Looking good.
The slight binding you feel in the middle of travel could be the ejector. I believe that recreator makes them proud so you can file to fit your particular bolt/carrier.

I’m sure Glock, Zeke, and Mel will be pretty happy to see you building!

P.S. good choice on that kit Brother!


Thank you man. I appreciate it just let you know from picture I haven’t put any of the rivets in other than receiving the center support rivet. It’s pretty tight so I have to figure out how the Loose it up per se current I also have to figure out how to grind off some of the leftover metal shavings on the bottom rail. The only thing I could say is that it was missing the Polish crash that I requested on the receiver itself. Turn that I am happy with it. Keller construction and it looks clean. Obviously since it’s a new receiver and nice tight fitting I had to really work in the front trunnion portion with a barrel and the rear trunnion stock block took a hammer as you see in the picture. B The bolt carrierwith slide smoother and easier down the rails. A really tight fit but I think with some TLC and some Blood Sweat and Tears it should come along.


This makes all my time spent editing and grumbling about YouTube screwing me over worth it. Looking good so far. Keep us updated. Best part about that press,is that you will need it for other random projects eventually. Same with a drill press.


Just a question for you
Have you ever riveted anything before ?

Your progress looks good
I would also suggest that before you start assembling make sure you have a
No go
A go
And a field gauge
Headspacing is a critical portion of the build


Thank you Zeke I will definitely be going through your videos for some tips and tricks. Especially trying to find out how to smooth out the action with the bolt carrier. Want to be like butter before I cerakote it, another thing is I need to work on trying to mash in the rivets with the side plate carrier and that one’s going to be pretty fun. Overall I am very happy I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do next. I’ve already ordered the part from aK operators union for the ultimax rail. I’m working on a few other parts to acquire. I’ve also decided to get have a fixed stock but have the pivoting latch to have a side folder.


Don’t worry I’m already plan on purchasing the gauges for the AK. I’ve done some rivet work a while back and I got the jigs to keep it center and evenly smashed in. Also I’ve got some help from a few guys that I know that have done a build or two. I definitely don’t want to be on some highlight reel weapons gone wrong as they would say. I enjoy your videos and you dispel a lot of myths that people have been holding onto about the AK. Another fun idea for me I was thinking about when watching your videos in the snow was, everyone always shows flat range training in the spring and summer but never really how to prepare for shooting in the winter time and going on walks with gear in toe.


Mike. If you get into a jam in real time. Give me a call.


sure will if i do.


I have never made a video at all
I’m just a supporter of akou and @Rob_Ski

I am however a gunsmith and build ak’s as well
I applaud you for building Your own
It’s my favorite weapon to build other than the 1911 right now
If you have questions please ask


Thank you and much appreciated. I’ll definitely ask questions here sooner or later as I begin. Now I have to break out the Builders jig kit and do a assessment of Parts again :grin: I’ll be posting pictures soon of the other receiver in a picture of the builders kit I have for all of the tools as well. This should be a fun little thread for full 30


Alright continuing forward with some well need background info for everyone here.

First off is a complete look at whats going into the parts kit from Arms of America.

Next is the AK jig kit from legion arms out from California .

Also the press and working on gettting that drill.

From your poland with love. :relaxed:

also I’ve been going through a lot of rounds lately. :joy:

If you could add anything that I’m missing or should get let me know. all comments are welcome.


Looks like you’re about ready to get started.


Hammer, pipe, bench vice is all you need.


I’m going to play it safe this time. I’m not trying to pull a Zeke shoots master of AK witchcraft and it came out perfectly. I’m not there yet but I really appreciate it. I know what build you’re talkin about as well


Lol. Its an Ak it’s practically an erector set.


You can also use the tape method to headspace.


Don’t use that 54r in that build…Jk, lol


Nice! I’m a little jealous. This build is on my bucket list.


just got the Ultimax rail in yesterday and its looking to be something else. :grin:

Just have to wait for the tdi m-lok rail for it.