Lost a great guy in the industry

We lost Dave from You Nation tactical…
He was killed in a mountain bike accident.
Really sad. Posted more details on social media


Our hearts are so heavy with the loss of Dave. We feel broken but we also feel him among us. .
He was larger than life, too good for this mortality, and is finally, truly invincible. .
He left exactly as he wanted to, doing something crazy & fun. .
We will carry on his dream of helping and empowering others, as we know he wants us to. .
His legacy knows no bounds, and we’re just barely starting to understand & feel the magnitude of his earthly mission. His energy, positivity, and absolute Christ-like love, charity, and service has left a gaping hole where it once was. He ALWAYS put others before him, and preached that selfless service was the key to happiness. Dave lived everyday of his life with no regrets so he could pass through to the other side seamlessly. And he did. He lived 10x the amount of life in half a life. God needed Dave as a warrior & leader and the giant spirit that he is. And that’s okay. Because he has prepared us to know how to carry on. We love him so much and to say we miss him isn’t enough. But he lives in all the lives he has changed. Thank you, for all your love, support, and donations to ease the burden we are feeling right now. Thank you, to all our friends who have volunteered their time, talents and love, to YouTactical and Fight Back Nation.