Lots and lots of work to do


First, let me say the website layout is really good and feels smooth. That being said, here are some things I hope will help you.

I really, really, really want to watch my videos here instead of YT and I tried finding several of the popular youtubers I follow, but only a very few are here. You need to actively pursue these guys and make it as easy for them to copy their content here as it is to say “Yeah, I would like for my content to be here also.” If it is a much extra work for them, you will probably be missing out on a lot of them.

The search is non-intuitive to find and does not work very well. Searched for a hickok45 video that was entitled “Ruger Security-9”. Could not find any videos. Maybe he hasn’t posted it here, but it is on Youtube and was put there on January 16th, 2018. I’ve tried other similar searches to no avail.

Why do I have to create 2 different accounts for the website and the forum?

If you can’t post a comment without a forum account or being logged in, you need to clearly indicate that at the top of the page.

I use Feedly to manage what I watch on youtube and other places. I could not get it to work for any of the guys I subscribed to on Full30, except for two of them. If this is not fixed, I will not be using full30 at all. Also, if you are not using something like Feedly, you have no idea what you are missing.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Clicking on a playing video should pause/resume it, like it does everywhere else on the planet.

And… beside or underneath each video, you should have a small “Support This Channel” button that would lead to a support page for the content creator.

I like the Hamburger Menu button on the main page that reveals the side menu. I wish there was some way to make the side menu persistent and available on every section of the site.


Hi TootseeFruitsee,

Man, there are some really good suggestions here. Thanks for compiling this list.

Some of the accounts you are searching for haven’t been uploaded onto the site yet. That’s the reason you can’t find their videos.

We are in the process of accepting our next wave of YouTube channel reservations. The next round will be integrated quite soon. Once that happens you’ll be able to find the videos you are looking for.

As far as the other suggestions, I’ve passed them to the developer to look at.

I appreciate you taking the time to compile this list, TootseeFruitsee