Low bore axis?


If I was on a super tight budget I would save up and go with a Ruger Security 9 for $250ish. My buddy has one and Im a fan of it for the price. Feels like a Glock 19 and functions just fine.


Not gonna lie, I think the VP9 is a little better shooting (19X and 45 excluded as they shoot about the same). But, when performance is that close, price becomes a factor. And, HK has never won in the cost department.

The same holds true for FN. But, I am interested in getting some first hand knowledge of the 509. Just to give it a fair shake.

I hear the P320 has gotten better than it was (you know, after it stopped trying to kill it’s operators). But, I have yet to verify that. And, it’s damn hard to come back from that kind of press.

The M&P. Wow. I already forgot about it. :rofl: I think everyone should train with an M&P…if you’re working on clearing malfunctions. Been through three of them, I think. If light primer strikes were a city, the M&P would be the mayor. Smith makes an outstanding revolver. But, their autos have always been a mess.



In my experience


with striker fire

I prefer SAO


I can’t support the PPQ trigger on a carry gun. That thing is ridiculous. There’s zero pull weight. It’s nuts.

SAO? You know it’s 2019, right? Not 1919. :rofl:


Holy cow. Yeah that’s the hi-point I want.!!
All kidding aside I want one. Any company that’s mission statement is everyone should be able to afford a firearm! I have no problem supporting that company.


That is Palmetto State Armory’s motto.


Its all personal preference, really. I like my vp9 though. My point wasnt so much “whats better” though, I was just making fun of all these supposed “Glock Killers”. I mean if that many rivals want you dead you would think it wouldve happened by now. “Glock killer” is misleading “Generic Glock” makes more sense lol


Hey, hey, hey… PSA parts are totally fine. As long as you build the gun. If you get an assembled rifle, be prepared to fix it. I’m pretty sure they just grab the chicks from the register and have them assemble the guns in the back.

“Look, Amberly, just put all these parts in a box and shake it up. Then, dump it out on the shelf and repeat.”

I have never had an issue with any I’ve ever built (and we’re talking dozens). I have, however, had brand new guns off their rack need repairs of various kinds. It’s like they have monkeys putting together their stuff. Smh.


Makes sense but for the price they cannot be beat. FN barrels and Toolcraft BCGs are good chit,imo. Also, I agree with Switchpod on supporting companies that try to provide firearms to as many people as possible by providing budget options.


Yeah I’m ready for that. Truth be told I to love CZ, but I love them for what they are.

I also once travelled states away to buy a CZ Czeckmate when they first trickled into the country years ago. I payed every penny of MSRP plus transfer. Was it worth it…NO, but it’s the truth.

There is also two CZ Champions that resides at my residence. Another “holy grail” CZ. In the end it’s just a pistol.


The 806 looks to be a big one for CZ,hopefully it sells well. CZ really is an underated company, everybody gets all wet over FN and Sig but CZ is on par with them. The CZ75 is the most widely used Mil./LE handgun in the world, even ahead of Glock. The Czechs know guns ,probably as well as America.


not zero enough which is why I prefer SAO

even with a trigger upgrade on the VP9 I’ve not found a light enough trigger on any striker fire


I feel that this is a relevant enough question, so let’s get back to the lab equipment and see what the results will yield!

Here are our contestants. A big thank you to @aly.bel for allowing the use of her CZ p07 for the test.
Some set up as before. Now the gage pin that fit in both bores was a .347” this could be because of tighter rifling that CZ used on both the barrels, or the fact that the garage is 15F colder today. Now just so everyone is on the same page here. Temperature will have an effect with matter, in this case measurement devices. The perfect temperature for measurements generally is 68F, so this is most likely the cause. This difference will not affect true center of bore.

Information on the difference in expansion and contraction can be found in the machinery handbook.

First up is the CZ P-07. Gage is zeroed.

Ok we have .910”+.1735”= 1.0835” Ok so this is the best low axis CZ so far!

Next is the CZ P-10c. Gage is zeroed.
ok we have .725”+.1735”=.8985! Wow! It looks like the CZ-P10c just knocked the PPQ out of 2nd place. But hasn’t got the Glock beat yet.
That was an interesting twist. A thank you to @jf89. @montzster had a great idea as well, unfortunately I do not own a Steyr or caracal. I want them. I just don’t have the money for them.


I don’t want to kill glock but I also don’t own one and never will . I don’t like the shape or size of the grip and the grip angle makes every one I pick up point high .


It may be just a younger person deal with the grip angle.

Video games. It’s always the root of the problem :joy::rofl:


Could be I never played video games and did not let my kids have them.


Careful Switchpod , you are starting to sound like a politician :hushed:


@switchpod , did you check the bore axis on any 1911’s?


Listen jf89. I’m from the government, and I have come to help you.:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


No. I don’t own any 1911 in 9mm, but I believe that the star model B was a close representative for it.