Low bore axis?


I highly recommend AimSurplus’ bolt carrier assemblies. They are super duper quality AND price. Lifetime warranty as well.


:drooling_face::thinking:I never put that together.


Excellent. No test is complete without a Star!!

I wonder what my Canik TP9 would be. :thinking:


Star —> :heart_eyes:


This entire Topic is a tribute to @switchpod and his talent as a teacher. Of course there is a considerable amount of tool-porn, and I must admire the pictures only I did not find the Centerfold.

Good job all around, and I nearly ran out of Beers appreciating all the comments. :rofl:


Thank you @Merlin7 I truly appreciate the compliment Brother.


I’m glad @switchpod did his test, because there may be some problems with the way they measured in this chart.


Indeed it was a pretty impressive test, and much appreciated.


I agree with that mission statement. I still like to rip hi-points because its fun. I like to tease folks who think the mosin is better than the Mauser too…


It is…


On a broad spectrum I believe you are correct. Now having said that I have a question. Have you ever shot a Finnish M39 mosin?

I love Mausers too from Czech dou model k98

To the Yugoslavian 24/47 Mauser

Everyone has their preference, but for me I believe the Finnish M39 is just as good as a Mauser, and of course opinions will very.


Sorry I hijacked the thread @switchpod!


I have three Mosins and one Mauser. Of mine, the Mauser is hands-down superior in all ways. Imo, the m39 is the perfected (souped up) Mosin.


No need to apologize. We are talking about guns Brother! That’s all I care about.


I like the Mosin for its history. If I wanted superior shootability Tikka/Sako is where its at for non custom built bolt actions, imo.


Nice showing of rifles. Good wood, metal fittings but they were designed for some poor grunt, so any accuracy is a real boost. Lots of nice older handwork, that, is worth the pictures.


@jf89 Scroll up a little and you will see the rifles and @montzster admission to hijacking the topic, all in good humor but reely curious.


Getting back to the original subject, how about a Kriss pistol?


Mosin VS Mauser debate :skull_and_crossbones:

Let me guess? 9mm vs 40 next?


Or better yet… CZ 75 vs everything else?.. lol


M1911A1 vs M9…:grimacing: