Low bore axis?


No contest, the 1911 makes the m9 its bitch in the first round ,like Mike Tyson vs Marvis Frazier.


Mosin > Mauser
No opinion on the CZ
Maybe we need another 500 page “versus” thread.


I had a TSO & consider the best pistol owned thus far,

bore axis made lower with the slide in the frame vs on it


What does TSO stand for?


Tactical sport Orange


So beautiful, and such a sweet shooting pistol.


But its not 10mm! Are you feeling ok?




What a great an informative thread! I knew my CZ 75 shot low for a reason.


Interesting. At a very quick glance the results appear similar in that each firearm falls in relatively the same position on the list shown above as well as the results @switchpod posted. Now there may be some differences as I just did a quick spot check since the lists vary slightly in the firearms evaluated.


Yeah, right!


Another contender…


Wow! Look at that! I am really interested in that. Good find @montzster. I will be looking into this. Thank you very much for bringing our attention to this new pistol.


It’s pretty awesome and all, however…

Laugo Arms scheduled a limited-to-500 worldwide run for March 8, 2019.

the Alien has an MSRP of approximately $5,000.

So I doubt any of us regular peons will ever even see one. I’m sure a famous blogger or two cough MAC / IV8888 will get theirs.

Too bad because I kind wanna experience this:

“As a result, the pistol practically does not elevate after the shot and has almost flat recoil angle and no muzzle flip.”


There was another thread on it a few months back. Mr. Torgue is right on the price though, 5k is a little steep for alot people.


It looks like you @jf89 started that one! Yet another thread I had no idea we had here. I truly wish I had the dedicated time required to accurately cover all the incredible information, and knowledge all of our Full30 members bring to the forum.
This conundrum reminds me of an old black and white episode of the twilight zone in which a avid book fanatic wishes he had all the time in the world to read all of his books. The great irony comes when his wish is granted. He has all the time he needed, and immediately after having his wildest dreams come true he immediately has his glasses broken beyond repair rendering the book collection useless.

Something to consider at least a good reminder to all of us to enjoy life as it comes and to reinforce not letting the tail wag the dog.


It looks like a neat pistol, I was just giving you a heads up about the other thread. Its damn near impossible to keep up with all of them lol.


The P226 shoots very smoothly and has a higher bore axis, possibly this measurement has been hijacked by the sales teams and just meaningless propaganda. I find a M&P 9 much more snappier to shoot.


I couldn’t agree more.

Which measurement are you referring to @Willy_M


Bore height.