Lube or Not


I’m sure this has been asked and answered but I can’t find the thread.
Reloading handgun ammo and Dillon says you don’t have to lube handgun casings. However if you do, and when I called them they recommend lubing all casings, you have to get the lube off before firing the bullets. If you don’t the casings don’t grab the cylinder walls when fired because of the lube and the cartridge slams back into the frame like a proof load from the factory . This is very bad for your gun.
This is what Dillon told me, can anyone tell me if this is correct?


I always lube my cases, even 9mm. It’s less wear on the dies, and less effort on your part. You don’t need a lot. But get one case stuck in a die and you will never forget lube again.


In my early years of reloading, I never lubed my cases. However in recent years, I started using lube for the same reasons stated by @Tactical_Reviews. I only use a very small amount, so I never clean them afterwards. No problems yet.


I use hornady one shot . Just spray it on let it dry . No clean up and works great.


I have carbide dies for .45 acp and .357 mag. that i’ve used for almost 40 years without any lube.Using non-carbide dies, the brass needs to be lubed and wiped clean after your done loading.( using RCBS case lube)


Thanks for the info guys, so no problem leaving it on the case and shooting them that way. I use Dillon spray on lube sparingly. Just don’t want to damage my revolver.


I lube as it makes the brass last longer in my experience. Everyone above is correct though.


I’m with 58Marine…I only buy carbide handgun dies…no lube.