M&P Shield 2.0 at the range

Took out the shield last week or so ago and was amazed at how well it shot. The one larger target up top is from a G20 but the rest are all from the Shield 2.0 9mm. You can’t tell from the grouping but just take my word for it when I tell you all those small little shoot and see targets on every single time I shot the very first round was dead center despite my grouping doing like it always does and stay tight but move to the left or the right as I continue shooting over time. The Bottom larger middle target was Rapid fire with the Shield.

Shooting from 30 to 35 feet with the Shield and 50 feet with the G20


Doing just what in needs to.

Good shooting.:+1:


Pretty good shooting! Putting all those rounds in groups like that means shot placement won’t be a problem.