M17 Milsurps


haven’t even made it into general service and already getting surplussed


These are all the ones that went off when dropped. They just swept them into a big surplus pile :rofl:


Well that didn’t take long!


:rofl: :rofl:


Don’t get me wrong, I love my Sigs, but doesn’t this sound a lot like let’s make as much money as possible? What is a better last minute impulse Christmas gift to a Sig fan than a “mil surp M17”?


Some politician’s pockets are getting full.


Anyone see a price? May be interesting to compare to new


with that being said
I would buy one just because

however my first experience with a brand new civvy M17 was locking it up solid while racking the slide, which entailed a beating tool and a lot of swearing to “unlock”. And still do not know what caused it or why…


I’m gonna save you guys the trouble of spending hours on the phone like I did. Let’s start with where they came from.

M17’s never went off when dropped. They had the lightened trigger bow from the start (which is where the lightened trigger bow on the civilian models actually came from that remedied that one-in-a-million chance of them firing from a drop). The long and short here is: The have tan controls. The first shipment the Army got were totally tan guns. As shipments continued, they started coming in with black controls.

They Army was like, “Hey, these new ones look different. Can you make them all look like this?”

And Sig was all, “I got you fam. Send us the old ones back.”

So, suddenly, Sig is sitting on 100,000 issued M17’s. Which they announced without telling dealers…distributors…or even their own people. And that’s where my phone call rodeo begins:

I’m a Sig certified armorer of the classic series gun and the P320 but I am NOT a Sig dealer. However, I am a Sig fan with a collection of all the U.S. Army’s handguns. So, when a customer text me wanting one, the hunt was on.

I called Sig in the hopes of playing the veteran card to get my hands on a couple. The sales rep said he had no information other than they aren’t ready to ship and my best route would be distributors or dealers as, he assumed, they were given more information than they were. Couldn’t even give me a price. So, since there aren’t a lot of Sig dealers around that I can beg to transfer me one, My next call was to my distributors.

My distributors were in just as much of a scramble as I was to catch up. They had been announced for 12 hours and the distributors had no part number or projected numbers, as even their buyers weren’t made aware of the product coming to the market. They, also, had no idea what they would go for. All they could tell me was, “Keep checking.”

So, the closest dealer to me is about 45 minutes away (and they are the only one in my state). But, I’ll drive and hour and a half for one. So, I give him a ring. He had already gotten as on top of it as he could because he had already received about a dozen calls about them. His rep said they have no idea when they’ll ship and he doesn’t know if he’ll get one or ten or any at all. He did have a speculation that they would, hopefully, be around red label prices (most likely retailing in the high 500’s). But, that was just his guess. No facts to substantiate that.

So, to summarize, Sig has 100,000 issued M17 they will sell at some point but no one has any real information other than supply is definitely lower than demand. So, if you’re looking for one, good luck and welcome to the Thunderdome. It’s gonna be a brutal fight.


So what I am hearing here is, announce without having any plans laid out already. Isn’t that Sig’s M.O.? I have never found a Sig rep to be reliable on information. Sometimes I don’t think they know all the details. :thinking: