M1895 Nagant Revolver

It was bound to happen sooner or later… say hello to the Nagant M1895 Revolver. 7 shots of 7.62x38R. Many of you know the history and other variations better than I do, so let’s just do a quick overview.

Not the prettiest revolver ever designed, but it got the job done.

Loading and unloading with the spring loaded gate and ejector rod makes for a slow process.

But how cool is that cylinder lock up?

The two most common examples come from the Tula and Izhevsk Arsenals.

I got these years ago. I won’t say how little I paid as the market has changed a lot. I will say though that if you want a gas sealed revolver with a lot of history, they’re still around and are a great choice if you don’t care about comfort or stopping power! There are tons of variations, original iterations, and foreign produced examples. It’s a big ole’ surplus world out there! These are my two. Hope you enjoy my friends.


I hate you!!! :sunglasses: I want one SO VERY BADLY. I want to try and find a 1943 Izzy to compliment my Mosin of the same age & factory. :mosin:


But I love you. :sunglasses:.

All I could find were 1944’s when I bought mine. Good luck on your quest Sir! I’ll be on the lookout for a ‘43 now.


Thanks. We should get our bonus(es) early February. The very next purchase may be the last firearm for a while since the baby will be born sometime in February and I have to be responsible and stuff…boooooooo!!!

FYI, I have yet to find one in the wild or on gunbroker with an Izzy stamp… Only Tula’s.


@Chuparosa!!! Bingo. One on another forum. Just a few days ago… for sale.


image image

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Man I really wish I had the bonus money!!! Thanks for the tip.


This forum is pretty unique, I am a forum whore and have yet to find one on firearms I like as much as this forum.

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We have all the funs and all the guns!


Have you guys ever done anything to these?
I had one, got the trigger pull down to very practical weight. Was a pleasure the shoot. Ammo was kind of expensive though.


I haven’t. I’m more of a collector and my mantra is ‘do no harm’. I save the polishing and jobs for my guns that were not military surplus. I’m curious as to how that trigger felt though… and yes. Ammo. Ugh. Almost all of mine eat the hard to find stuff. Me and PPU are good friends.

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No molesting is necessary
You buy a replacement mainspring and the cylinder return spring. You work on those. There is a shim you make from the nagant bullet, just cut a peace of it to use as a shim.

The gun can return to original with a swap of original parts.

I sold mine in this thread (below) where I listed the trigger pull weights.


That ammo was PPU as well.


Do you want to see the instructions?

This is the one I sold in that linked thread.

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I think you should post your experiences and how to but I’m kinda OCD about my mil surps. They just sit in the safe. If I ever get a bubba one, a full restore and trigger job there shall be!!!

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Dang you @Mosinvirus. Now I need to know…

I could also send you the Russian manual for the maintenance and use of this revolver…

In the first pic above, under Pic 3, the area of the bottom leg (of the replacement spring you get) is sanded thinner between the arrowheads. I thinned the upper leg on mine as well but very little.

In the second pic above, under Pic 3 b, you are shown how the bottom leg should bend after thinning. That is why in Pic 3a you are told to step 15-20 mm away from the v point to start the thinning.

Then in Pic 4, you see you can either drill and tap the frame for a set screw or add a shim (round) under the bottom leg of the spring. That will further reduce trigger pull weight.

They dont instruct it, but cutting one coil off the (again replacement) cylinder return spring will further reduce trigger pull weight.

The other stuff you wouldn’t want to do, but that would dial it in even more.

Like I said, reversible. When I sold mine I included the original springs in a baggy so the new owner could enjoy the 21# pull if they wanted.


And a video for you.


And all this is why you’re the MAN! Very detailed. I’m going to have to read and re-read when I have the time. Is the manual in a PDF format?


I just checked Numrich and they are sold out of the main springs.:frowning:

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Them and SARCO are usually my two go-to’s.