M1895 Nagant Revolver


Shim alone can help. I originally said you could use the casing, but I remember it was the bullet. You just cut the bullet to length that will be the same as the width of the frame in that area.


@Mosinvirus is my hero twice today. :smiley:


It’s a refurb but I don’t care. Like our Mosins it will be a shooter not a safe queen. It is the right factory and year too! :slight_smile: I do want to find a pair of original worn darker grips. Not a fan of these lighter grips.


This is assuming other deals won’t be made…and my bonus is large enough. I may get two… cough


Jump on that one if the price is right. The darker grips are a Bakelite material. They were mixed and matched sometimes. One of mine has Bakelite on the sides and wood in the front/back.


No monies yet. But if it’s still there I might. The deal (compromise) is only bonus money goes towards the firearms. :slight_smile: