Machine Guns ARE illegal

I saw a post from TFB where they say “In fact, machine guns have never been illegal in the USA on a federal level.”

And this is why our government has taken our rights. Machine guns are illegal at a federal level. Riddle me this, how old is the newest machine gun you can purchase? The govt just lets you keep the old ones you owned before the ban.

No more TFB for me. Another example of why I don’t want to be a part of the mainstream gun community.


Technically they are right though. MGs are not “illegal” as they are more “highly regulated.” If one has the disposable income, purchasing a full auto is actually pretty straightforward.

Now, with that said, I really don’t plan on ever bothering to save up to get one. Between cost and the regulations that goes with having one (tax stamp, needing federal permission to travel across state lines, etc…) there are now cheaper options (binary FCS) that offer the same effect without the regulatory hassle. Finally, for myself at least, it’s just a waste of money ammo wise.



I’d say sbr, sbs, and silencers are heavily regulated. We can still buy new ones. In 2086 will it be said that machine guns are legal?

Politifact says they’re banned here

"Automatic weapons – banned

Automatic weapons – sometimes known as fully automatic, or machine guns – fire continuously when the trigger is held down.

Two federal laws have essentially banned them in the United States.

One law in 1935 all but banned automatic weapons like the Tommy gun. And another in 1986 prohibited fully automatic weapons, except for pre-existing weapons that were grandfathered in."

Why can Politifact say they’re banned but the gun community can’t? Keeping pre-ban items is not the same as being legal.


Seriously, you’re using Politifact as a source concerning firearm laws???

I’m really not sure if at this point you’re trolling or really that ignorant. The simple fact is that machine-guns ARE NOT ILLEGAL. For the general population, a law abiding citizen can purchase one by completely the proper transfer/tax form and once approved take possession. Yes they must be pre-86 made but that is the only stipulation. As far as post-86 goes, LE and dealer samples are perfectly legal.

The simple fact is that automatic weapons are heavily regulated BUT not illegal. One just has to have the disposable income, a clean record, and be patient on the wait time. Is this a good system, hell no; but, until the NFA is repealed (along with the Hughes amendment) this is the avenue we have for legal automatic weapon ownership.

The rest of your post is hyperbole misinformed emotionalism as far as I’m concerned. Believe as you wish bud, adios.


Pre-ban guns are heavily regulated, new ones are illegal. That is the key here. If all those old machine guns broke, sears and the like, would you say machine guns are legal? I bring up Politifact because they can admit it.

“they must be pre-86 made but that is the only stipulation. As far as post-86 goes, LE and dealer samples are perfectly legal.”

That “but it’s the only stipulation” is going to cause all MGs to cease to exist after a while, you do not deserve any rights if you keep thinking like that.


LOL internet tough guy. Here’s the deal, most folks deal in reality. Most folks also understand the meaning of words. You I venture to guess do not fall into this category. Instead of whining on the internet, get involved politically. Bitchin on a forum changes nothing. You don’t like the law, then lobby to get it changed. Work with organizations pushing for change. Contact your representatives in the Senate and House. That’s what most of the rest of us do. Try it, you’ll get better results compared to whining in a minor forum such as this one.

Very little in life is black and white and you are living in a delusional world. Worse, it’s rabid knuckleheads like you that, more willing to eat their own in petty tirades, who alienate fellow gun owners and supporters of the 2A.

Done with you keyboard tough guy, adios.



If anyone stumbles across this ask yourself a question: If all those old machine guns disappeared would you say machine guns are legal?

These “pro-gun” organizations gave the green light for this mess.


The 1986 Machine Gun Ban, was in-fact a total gun ban on civilian machine gun ownership. I believe this was the first actual Federal total “Ban” of any firearm in U.S. History.

Guns manufactured before the ban were essentially “grandfathered” in and people were still allowed to own them and to buy/sell from this finite and therefore ever shrinking supply. A combination or scarcity/increasing values and literally rust/wear and tear will at some point in the next 100 years make operational machine guns a great rarity.

Based on the U.S. Constitution and the Heller decision, this ban is illegal. Prior to the ban,it was often often stated that U.S. civilians owned more machine guns than the U.S. military and police combined. Whether this is still true, I’m not sure; BATFE puts the number at 543,073 today.

This should satisfy the “In Common Usage” test in Heller.

Once a right is lost or denied,it takes decades to get it back.


I agree. Machine guns were banned in 1986. They weren’t completely banned because the per-registered machine guns can still be sold though the same process but the ban on creating any new machine guns for private use is a total ban. Even though existing machine guns can still be owned doesn’t mean there isn’t a ban. That would assume that all machine guns would be confiscated as part of a hypothetical ban, which usually doesn’t happen when things get banned. Everyone who had one still has one, but they’re banned.


Illegal, even with tax stamp. HOWEVER , it is a " DEFENSE TO PROSECUTION" if it’s Stamped/Registered.
BATFE can do 2 UNANNOUNCED INSPECTIONS of Title II, Class III firearms , along with premises, secure storage, and alarm system per year. All the announced insps they want. To shoot the damn things off site, had to Fax and get an acknowledgement back from closest BATFE office at local Federal building 24 business hours in advance. Route, vehicle desc. and tags, destination, and who’s going with, and who owns property/range. PITA all the way around.
“Friend” had to disable Alarm’s tear gas dispenser (dropped 6!!! canisters in room in front of safe) because Fed Agent didn’t
like it. In case they raided! RULES MAY HAVE CHANGED IN PAST FEW YEARS. I Haven’t checked.
Browbeaten into non-ownership. Easier to check up on fewer “collector” owners…


Where the heck did you hear that? Maybe for SOT 7s, but for a lawful owner of an NFA registered Device? Hardly. Or are these state regs? Here in Arizona it is LEGAL to OWN and to CARRY firearms on the National Registry. Howabout this - it’s legal to CARRY them CONCEALED in Arizona WITHOUT A PERMIT. That always sends Leftist into a freaking tizzy. I had a buddy who was an NFA dealer who carried a Mac-11 .380 in an SMZ shoulder rig with a ten round mag in it, and two 32(30? can’t remember), round mags vertically, opposite side. COMPLETELY LEGAL. We recognize the right to use NFA registered suppressors while hunting, too. If I had the spare cash, I’d buy one of these firearms LEGALLY, and enjoy it at several local ranges I go to, without notifying anyone except the people I am going to meet
The feds can do inspections of FFLs, but not private citizens, not without a warrant.


A lot of cash, a $200 tax, proper application…you too can have a machine gun. They ARE NOT illegal! That would be a 2nd amendment violation, wouldn’t it! But it is a clear infringement!


Yep they are illegal. those that own them are outlaws.


Sorry for the dumb question, but what is “TFB?”


This might be it, if not I don’t know either.