I have always loved these designs and the history behind them. I have always wanted an original but I can’t afford one. One company that made it’s name from making reproductions of them use a steel in the blade that I don’t care for so I never bought one. Then a company by the name of Bark River Knives did a collaboration with Vehement knives to produce a very nice version of it in my favorite steel. Since the day it arrived I have loved this knife. Since the blade is made from 1/4" CPM-3v with a convexed grind it is very tough. Since the blade is 1/4" thick you would think it wouldn’t slice or cut very well but it slices and cuts like a much thinner knife. I put it through it’s paces with bushcraft and field related task. It passed with flying colors. I could be more happy with the performance and quality of this knife. Also the sheath is much nicer then you would normally see from most manufacturers.

Does anybody have a original or reproduction? If so post photos and give me your thoughts on the knife and it’s design.



I have 6 more months to wait before I will have pictures of them, but Randel made knifes still hand make the same knives they made for our special forces during Vietnam. I’m at 4 years and counting on two knives they are making for me. Give them a look if you really like the original knives