I have always loved these designs and the history behind them. I have always wanted an original but I can’t afford one. One company that made it’s name from making reproductions of them use a steel in the blade that I don’t care for so I never bought one. Then a company by the name of Bark River Knives did a collaboration with Vehement knives to produce a very nice version of it in my favorite steel. Since the day it arrived I have loved this knife. Since the blade is made from 1/4" CPM-3v with a convexed grind it is very tough. Since the blade is 1/4" thick you would think it wouldn’t slice or cut very well but it slices and cuts like a much thinner knife. I put it through it’s paces with bushcraft and field related task. It passed with flying colors. I could be more happy with the performance and quality of this knife. Also the sheath is much nicer then you would normally see from most manufacturers.

Does anybody have a original or reproduction? If so post photos and give me your thoughts on the knife and it’s design.



I have 6 more months to wait before I will have pictures of them, but Randel made knifes still hand make the same knives they made for our special forces during Vietnam. I’m at 4 years and counting on two knives they are making for me. Give them a look if you really like the original knives

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I have always wanted a Randall Model 14 along with others. I am mainly talking about the CISO knives that were made in Japan and given to MACV-SOG. Still Randall made knives are classics.

Do you like Al Mar knives?

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Yes I do. I wish they still made some of their older models since I have always wanted to own them.

Me too I wish I had an SERE fixed blade AL MAR. As it is I only own this one at the moment.


That Applegate-Fairbairn dagger is very nice. The SERE IV fixed blade, original SERE folder and The Warrior are some of Al-mar knives I have always wanted. Lucky for me I have a 2x72" knife grinder coming my way. Just need a few other pieces of equipment and I can start practicing to improve my knifemaking skills. Then I can make some of the designs I have always wanted but with the materials and changes I prefer for myself. Then maybe one day when I have my own designs and feel the end results are worthy I might put a few up for sale.

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Keep us in the loop! I would love to see what you do.

I have never handled that model but it looks like a handy EDC blade for sure. It’s also made from my favorite steel. CPM-3v holds a good edge for a long time while being tough as nails and resisting rust very well for a tool steel. Even salt water has a problem causing rust on CPM-3v in a days time.

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I will do that for sure.

You are correct. I love Ryan’s work. His tomahawks are very nice as well.

I see you found Rick’s Cold Steel axe gang hatchet for him. :smiley:

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The main thing I have heard about them having issues is the hickory handles breaking because the grain didn’t run straight the entire length of the handle. That really isn’t a problem for myself because I can just make a proper hickory handle and hang the hatchet head properly. For the price I have been thinking about picking one up and do some custom stuff to the head and handle.

I have seen it from different people. For the price it doesn’t bother me. With some of the lower priced axes and hatchets you can find handles that have the same issue. The coating I will probably strip as soon as I get it since I hate any kind of coating on a knife or axe

52100, 80crv2, CPM-Cru-wear, CPM-154, Elmax are ones I really like depending on what blade they used in. CPM-1v is a steel I really want to try out on a machete and tomahawk design of mine. CPM-1v has a decent increase in toughness over CPM-3v but has lower wear resistance closer to A2.

I have seen his work before and I really want one of his tactical kitchen knives. I remember something about BECUT a few years back but I never paid much attention to it. From what I am seeing it’s known for being very tough for a stainless steel.

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You can post all the pictures on this thread you like. I like seeing cool blades.

This is a new blade a friend of mine is making for me.


Yeah it’s a back up knife to my main blade and they are back up to my Glock 34 which backs up my AK.

In the picture below is my Arsenal SAM7 and G34. The knife is what is really special since it’s one of a kind. It’s a Jerry Hossom Chainsaw in CPM-3v with a full height flat grind. Jerry doesn’t do flat grinds except for that one. It was his first and last flat ground knife.


I have always wanted to try that 4-max out but I have never run across a good deal and had the money at the same time.