Mag changes with a pistol



Now I know everyone has their own way of doing things but I found this to be a pretty good video on mag reloads. I was originally taught to keep the gun pointed down range as I reload but a couple years ago I started switching up how I reloaded my pistol and its real similar to how Frank Proctor does it in this video.

How do you reload?



Honestly, I’ve never worked the front of the slide for manipulations, but I’d be worried that it would get in the way of extracting rounds/brass. For reloads, I bring my pistols up at an angle into the work space, drop the mag, slot the new one in, and use the slide stop. Less movement is faster. Oddly enough, on guns with ambi safeties, i prefer to use my middle finger to drop the mag rather than my thumb.


Makes sense, I didnt really think about that. Do you ever time your reloads?


Not with a shot timer. We do timed reloads when I hit the range for job training, but I don’t time my individual reloads.


I taught both my Wife and Daughter to use their support hand to release the mag with the pistols I have to be able to maintain muzzle control and target acquisition. The more I demostrate the more I am finding that I like it too (not rolling or canting the pistol to be able release the mag). It can be done with a fluid motion and quite fast. Relax support hand, press mag release with support hand, retrieve new mag, insert new mag, release slide and regrip. At no time has the muzzle swayed or drifted from the target. I started using this technique when shooting a Beretta 92s because of the heel release, just figured it would work for family members with smaller hands shooting larger frame pistols.
For me anyone press checking his pistol has an inherent mistrust of said firearm. It’s funny that for many years of military shooting (and if you think about it how many people have been taught, carried, shot) the press check is the one think that hasn’t been taught, I have never seen mags fall out of pistols when shooting, I have seen the guts fall out and it was funny but the mag was seated (pretty all stemmed for crappy reassemble or worn out floor plate on mags older than the shooter).
That being said my opinion is about carrying and using a mass produced military firearm and not a expensive one of custom made pistol


What do you mean by heel release on the 92s?

I generally don’t do press checks, and it’s a bit harder with the Berettas because of the slide shape, but I’ll do mag checks to make sure a round has been pulled up and into the chamber on both pistol and rifle. And you can’t forget about Murphy. I’ve seen enough mags drop from pistols, rifles, etc to do a positive seat check. It’s always funny to see someone get into a comfy firing position and then immediately drop a mag.


mag release is on the bottom of the grip and as to “press checking” the beretta ever try from the front bottom using the fluted front (won’t work if you got toys hanging there).


Huh. I’ve never seen a 92 with a heel release magazine. Odd. Didn’t think that the 92S was so different.



I didn’t even have to post how I do my reloads. lol

Thanks bud