MAGA teen gearing up to sue dozens of media outlets, celebrities in ‘landmark’ libel case



Good for him!!! F all of these people.


I hope there’s a lawyer out there that will do this pro bono, at least at first. And they help this kid obtain giant lawsuits against every single media outlet and celebrity who ran their stinking filthy shit breath mouths!



I saw one on Twitter said he will do it for free.






So how do you really feel?


That’s what I’m talkn’ 'bout!!


Sorry if i were a bit graphic. I just get so outraged & full of hate with the disgusting, outrageous lies & actions of these liberal, socialist pieces of sh%t trying to destroy our lives, freedoms & our country! It makes my blood boil with rage to the point of (almost) wishing the scoundrals would implement their full end game so they could be defeated once & for all! Then things could be eventually restored to normal reality. No, it wouldnt be pretty, but definatly necessary.


I was being funny (I thought) :yum:


Sorry, lol. Too much info?:upside_down_face::money_mouth_face::slight_smile:


The end game is death by a thousand cuts…slowly and incrementally taking one bite at a time.
Trust me…I feel where you’re coming from brother.


This would be awesome!


You were ! I giggled!