Magazine maintenance?



Every two months or so i disassemble and clean all my magazines which got me thinking what about the springs how often do magazine Springs need to be replaced? some of my mags are getting quite old, all are functioning correctly but eventually Springs are going to wear out. Does anybody have any tips or recommendations as to when to address Magazine spring replacement do you just wait for the magazine Springs fail and then address the issue ?


having dealt with many “old” magazines both pistol and rifle in the military have a simple phase
Don’t worry
99.999% of mag springs out there will not catastrophic fail with out you first noticing failures to feed and other issues. I would be more worried about feed lips and just keeping debris/moisture out of my mag than if I need to replace my spring. My 1911 that was made in the mid 30s with the two original mags was left always filled to the brim and never had an issue.


Yeah +1 to that. Never personally seen a spring fail though I’ve heard about one or two. The exception it think rather than the rule.


So the springs in mags dont lose tension? Only mags ive ever broken were Troy battlemags and it was me busting the endplates off.


I’m with you on the springs not wearing out if you leave a magazine stored at full capacity and just let it sit indefinitely.
My magazines get used pretty much daily they’re loaded and unloaded time after time, day in day Out that’s going to stress the springs is it not?


what kills or weakens springs are duty cycles (they actually get stronger and brittle but lose their plastic state). So in a nut shell a fully compressed spring in a once loaded 100 year mag is "in better shape) than a 1yo mag that has had 100 cycles. In the late 70 I had got my hands on some plastic bundeswehr mags for my HK (only to be used once and tossed) and managed to get 15 to 20 reloads out of them before the springs finally failed.


Daily use? I’m envious. Mine get use but I wish were that much. Worth the cost of a few springs.


I’ve left six loaded to capacity for over a year. Shot just fine and no issues. Same in the military. It’s the constant compression/decompression and ingress of gunk that gets your mags. Keep them clean and oiled… quality mags that is. Don’t buy junk.