MAGAZINES ! How many do you keep loaded ? How many do you carry ? WHY ?

For my EDC pistol, 2 extra that are usually in my go bag, but in special occasions on my belt. 7 total for my AR, also packed for go situations. Wife’s EDC has 1 spare packed in a go bag and 6 extras for her rifle as well. Beyond that some spare clips for the various older guns that use clips and not mags but that varies from 6 to 24 depending on the gun but those are not included in the typical “Go” situations I would be in a tough spot if I were down to using those.


Why all our mags are old school too.


3 on me at all times (one in the weapon) - I missed an opportunity to save lives years ago and will never be in that situation again. (was not carrying daily at the time)

10 in my primary carrier. (mixed, AR and pistol)

2 in my home defense carrier (shotgun magazines)

100 or so in the house of different varieties. (My home defense and get out load-outs are for varied firearms. In addition I have added a new load out in the last few months.)


Don’t worry about dropping magazines on the ground.
It’s a routine maneuver during competition matches.
I couldn’t begin to recall how many times I’ve done that.
Good quality mags won’t be harmed in the least.
Just clean them well after, both inside and out.


Good decision, the fight is only over when you run out of magazines. And that is a feeling only experience like yours can teach you.


Our 22 year old probie has an AR pistol with a 60 rd in the mag well, and another in the survivor stock. Holds it with one hand and shoots until his finger gets stiff.