Magnum Research or IWI-US handgun?

Can’t decide between the Jericho MidSize, MR9 or Baby Eagle. Want 9mm, and would be interested in using it for EDC.

Anyone have an idea of which one is the smallest for CCW? They all seems so simliar I cant decide

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The Jericho and the Baby Eagle are essentially the same gun under different names. Both come in Steel or Polymer frames, and in the same calibers (9mm, .40 S&W, and .45acp), and they are both CZ75 copies. The MR9 is basically a Walther P99/PPQ copy, in 9mm and .40S&W. The MR9 has a completely different battery of arms than the Jericho/Baby Eagle. If you were looking for one of these for EDC, I would suggest the Jericho in a compact or subcompact size. It really depends on what fits you. The MR9 is a duty sized gun, good for open or winter carry, with the same ergos as the Walthers. The Baby Eagle is a CZ75, good for open or ccw carry, with the same ergos and battery of arms. The Jericho 941FB is compact, so I would suggest them, but it’s all in you POU (philosophy of use) and preference.

Magnum Research Baby Eagle (steel, 9mm)

IWI Jericho (Steel, 9mm)

See how they are identical. The only difference is the Baby Eagle has a slide mounted safety, whereas the IWI is frame mounted.

Magnum Research MR9


CZ75! Go for the original. Tons of options, frame sizes, configurations for manual safety, decocker, SA only, DA only, etc.

Maybe an SP-01? (not mine)

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EagleWings. Great summary and input! Really appreciate it all and super
helpful! Now just have to find a dealer who has one I can handle… .

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Sure thing!:grinning:

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no current members in it either, cool CZ though

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