Magpul Bipod In Hand Review


True to his word my local gun pusher saved me one of the few Magpul bipods he was able to get. I have not put in the field yet but just fumbling around with it I am impressed with the features for the money. In comparing to my Atlas it lacks in number of leg positions with only 90 degrees available while the Atlas will do 45 degrees in either direction. The Atlas has a little less wiggle in it but not a great deal of difference and not one I think will matter. It uses the same feet as my Atlas but requires a roll pin to be driven out instead of a steel plunger so no quick changing of feet in the field. The biggest plus I see is the Magpul beats the Atlas on pan and tilt, Atlas V8 has 15+/- degrees of pan and tilt while the Magpul has 25 +/- degrees tilt and 20+/- degrees pan. The tension for pan and tilt is easily adjusted and seems very stout. I also prefer the leg deployment on the Magpul, it just flips down while with the Atlas you have to depress the plunger for any movement. Height adjustment on the legs is positive and firm, I think I prefer the button activation over the pull the collar on the Atlas, seems more ergonomic, easier to accomplish with one hand. Considering I could buy nearly 3 of the Magpul’s for one Atlas if it holds up as well as the Atlas then it’s a winner for sure.


I look forward to hearing what you have to say. I have several different bipods, and this isn’t one of them. The price point on bipods is huge, from $20 up to over $600. The Elite Iron I have on my bmg is on the high end, as are any 50 rated bipods.


I have held off bringing one into the shop though I can. Sounds like I should check one out though! Thanks!
Anything in that price range is good I think if it moves a bit to stay on target.


One thing I really like about the Elite iron is the base doesn’t have to be level, it can even be upside down. It has a swivel that allows the weapon to be rotated 360 degrees.


Good in hand review! I can’t wait for the range repot!


I was temped to buy one of these when I heard about it. With me Magpul, has always given me a “50/50” type deal. When the release a product its either a hit or a miss with me. When I first seen this I was looking for a bipod for my 308. For some reason I thought back to the MOE Gen 1 stock. IDK if it was just me but that was one wobbly ass stock, at least Gen 1 was. But I Applied that feeling to the bipod.

Please post a AAR (field test) When you can.


These guys put a video review up for the Magpul Bipod.


He could load that bipod a bunch more than he is, and should.
Got mine on a rifle and did a couple hundred rounds today. Uneventful like it should be. I could lean my whole 200+ pounds at a 45 degree angle with no issue, this was on a very stout quad rail Armalite rail, doubt I would want to put pressure like this on a lighter rail. I tightened up the bolts on the leg hinges for a bit firmer deployment pressure, less likely to come down accidentally this way. I don’t know of another bipod I could make adjustments like this. Pan and Tilt were very smooth. I am not doing a drop test, no need to beat my equipment any more than what real life will dish out. Now we shall see how it hold up to the kids over the next year.