Main Stream Media Mis-Representation Oregon Militia

This is all over the MSM but not one I can find shows what the threat was.
Just Fear and Threats.
In fact all I can find is that Republicans were to hold a demonstration today.

Funny how the double standard only applies to the right.


Also, remember how the collusion between MSM and the Liberals and Socialists. Common twisting of facts or omission.


I read the Fox News version last night and thought the same thing. When I took journalism in highschool, I was taught the 5 W’s and H. Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? Seems now days, all MSM has to do is come up with a headline then ignore any facts to support that headline. But, the damage is done as most people don’t question it or see through this tactic.


(Caution: the following post is heavily laced with sarcasm.)

They were just scared…ya know, cuz militias are scary…possibly.

What’s this “possible” threat crap?
Either it is, or it’s not.
Libtards :roll_eyes:

NBC=Nothing Believable (or) Credible

Edit. Found it:
The Capitol was closed on the recommendation of Oregon State Police, after anti-government groups threatened to join a protest planned inside the building.

So they were going to join a protest…oh the horror! A protest!

I bet if it was antifa, they’d be jumping up and down with joy…praising the “bravery” of the noble “activists”. :face_vomiting: