Maintaining and polishing a Blued Firearm

Any tips or secrets to maintaining and polishing a blued firearm?
I want to keep that high gloss blueing on my Bisley and my newly ordered 1911.
What is the best way to keep the bluing looking new and bright?

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Rigs gun grease.

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The Rigs is a good choice for the preservation aspect.
But what about buffing the Blue back to luster?
I’ve seen 0000 Steel wool used but I really shy from steel wool use on steel.
Flitz is a no go on blueing too.

Any steel wool will remove finish eventually.

You cant really restore luster if the finish has begun to go away.

Renaissance wax is what you should use to preserve the finish.


I have my old BDA I want to cleanup and restore as she has seen as hard or harder miles than me.

But I want to preserve my Bisley’s bright finish as I waited many a decade to get it.
And I ordered a new Carry Gun that is polished blue and want to keep it that way.
I clean all my firearms ect in the spring and just before winter and at this time I am watching how the AMSOIL does over the winter months. But I will try the RW and RIGS for some of my long-term rarely shoot firearms and cutlery.
It may save a bit in the spring cleaning those up and re-oiling down.
With 18 Firearms (soon to be 19) and 11 Bayonets and swords ect I get a bit burned out every spring cleaning them up, and winter putting them to beddy bye.
Still could use a few hints on brightening up the BDA though.
The slide is blued steel and really needs a bit of TLC to make her pretty again.
Finish is still intact but just a bit dull.
Same for my Walther P-38.
(Suppose I wont be too pretty when I am 77 either if I.m not in the ground by then)

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