Make Full30 compatible with Chromecast!


I would love to be able to watch Full30 through chromecast. Being able to connect YT to my chromecast, is the main reason I still watch gun channels on there. I can cast Full30 to my tv, which would be fine, but the control bar at the bottom of the videos won’t close. So it is on bottom of the tv screen through the whole video. Make Full30 compatible with Chromecast!!


There is an app that can help until they make a full app
It for Android, you can use the free version but the paid pro version just works.
Whatever you do, do not buy the “ultimate” bundle.
It never works right, in fact it makes it worse.

Your best bet is to buy the individual pro app for the device you need, it always works, and you can reload it if you need to (say you get a new phone)

This is the version for Chromecast, i use it all the time, it’s a single tab browser that can direct cast the video source to your Chromecast.

It is also available in the apple app store.

Edit: remember to let the ads play on your phone before you turn off your screen, I don’t think the commercials cast…
Get the APK up guys :yum::blue_heart: