Make yesterday jealous!?!


what did you do today that furthered your firearm handling to make yesterday jealous?

I dry practiced for 15 minutes today. what did you do? what do you want to do? what do you think you should start doing?


studying ballistics, watching video reviews of several handguns, keeping up with Full30


I went to the range, burned through 500 rounds working 10, 20, 50, and 75 yd targets, Practicing and switching between strong and weak sides both handgun and rifle.


dry practice is free. and is one of the most over looked training practices a person can do.
I’m only home today because my kid blue chunks all over my truck on the way to day care this morning.


Not firearms handling related but today I’m writing individual letters to the Orange County Board of Supervisors and next week attending a board meeting. Seems the board is seriously considering not renewing the OC Fairgrounds contract with Crossroads of the west gun shoes.
The anti gunners have been trying to end gun shows across the state. Narrowly managed to keep the Del Mar shows intact in San Diego county a few months ago.


Thankyou for your time and effort in these matters. In my state it is a constant battle as well.


Holly Hell land is cheap there! the price for 1 acre here is $20,000 so 10 acres is $200,000!


And there’s always free cheese in a mouse trap.


I stroked my rifle vigorously while cleaning it, my pistol is jealous now so I have to make time for it. Being a polygamist gun owner is rough.



hope your kid feels much better soon


best of luck to you, mquinn55 - hope you succeed in maintaining plenty of gun shows


Today I decided to sell most of my ~1,350 video game collection to fund buying more brings that go bang (and a little on a credit card). So eat it yesterday!!

(Problem is it’ll take a long time to sell off that much)


Thank you I hope so too.


best of luck to you, Mister_Torgue.

hope you get top dollar for all your sales.


Thanks John. I’m not worried about top dollar. I more just want this stuff gone faster than the last time I purged my collection in 2009-2010. Most of it also isn’t worth as much since it isn’t NES or SNES–that was the last purge. The stuff I have left is all disc-based. :+1:


I sold a FF8 collectors edition set for $300 a couple years ago, psone stuff is going to get really valuable ,especially since the discs get damaged easier.


I’ve got some rare and a couple valuable stuff (like Suikoden II) but most of my over 100 PSOne games are not very valuable.


Ive never even heard of that game lol.


Nothing like derailing my own thread! I just can’t let that NES go James!


Sorry for the derail…

My NES collection may be gone but I still have these gems in nearly brand new condition.