Making a difference in the world


Please donate to the GoFundMe…it’s tax deductible!

Help us fight Child Sex Trafficking by helping us get to Thailand to work with SWAT Ministries to rescue kids from sex trafficking.


Liberals support NAMBLA , most(but not all) pedophiles in turn are liberals.


Liberals don’t have a corner on the market for criminal behavior. Neither do conservatives have a corner on the market for good behavior.


Do you know what NAMBLA is? its literally a group that supports gay pedophiles

At the very least Conservatives condemn this behavior while liberals condone it.


So SWAT and ASP can count on your support on this Go Fund me campaign then. That’s awesome! Thank you!


Actually I do plan on donating a couple bucks. This type of stuff is beyond disgusting.


EXACTLY. bj clinton - NJ’s menendez and many more demoncraps.
Only one cure for child molesters- ask the one that assualted my little sister.
Oh wait… you can’t. :wink:


Wow, jf89, those supporters and members of NAMbLA are SICK!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.