Making new memories

My father died over 20 years ago and yesterday I got a rare chance to make a new memory of him.

One of the guns that I shot in the Semper Fi Fund Steel Challange yesterday was a Smith and Wesson Model 41. This was the exact gun that he taught me how to shoot with when I was a kid.

As I sit here and clean the guns I shot yesterday, I remember the fun I had with him not only as a father but as a friend.


Great story. I lost my father 13 years ago. I still have my very first rifle that he bought for me at a farm auction when I was 12. It was a well used bolt action Remington tube fed 22LR, but might as well been the best thing available on the market -at least to me. I still have the rifle and it shoots like a champ, though I’ve retired it for sentimental reasons.


I lost my father last year, not a day goes by that I feel proud to have known and become close with him after his accident. but we had a good 14 years together, We never did any shooting together but we did have a few things in common (like food, comedies, and beer). Hang in there @TheRogueBanshee, sounds like you had some great memories…my grandma told me time is borrowed, we have to give it back sometime or another!..


@spook you know, the first gun he gave me was an 870 wing master when I was 12 and the first rifle he gave me was a Winchester 94 when I was 13 in 30-30. Still have both of those guns after all these years (both retired).

I am glad we both share the same fondness of our first firearms.


@ABTC_inc, sorry for your loss but I am glad you have such great memories of your father. I believe that it is important that children share activities with their family to build those untreatable bonds. Your grandmother is absolutely right. Time is borrowed and it needs to be given back at some time.


My dad is 89 and still kicking, just not nearly as well as he used to. The first rifle he gave me was also a 30-30. It was only a few years ago but I treasure it. He also gave me and and most of my brothers a love of guns that makes me buy things I don’t need. We were at our family land working and shooting this weekend. I know that we only have a little longer with him.


My dad is 86 and in poor health he taught me a love for the out doors and firearms . For years he was my only hunting partner for deer turkey and upland birds. This spring he told me to take all of his guns home with me. I have set aside some to go to my grand kids so the memory will keep growing .


Mortality is inevitable but it still sucks.


Today we will go to the range and take Pop’s WWII arms out for a walk.
He’d be 102 Next month.
D-day, Bronze star.
Then a decorated Fire Capt.
Was my rock.