Man makes pipe-guns from scrap, sells them to gun “buyback” program for $300


Yet despite this, the guy wants to host more of these buybacks and sees them as some sort of success.

If he were to host an “alcohol buyback” - does anyone think it would save lives?


Didn’t read it, so they offer a pardon or similar for his manufacturing and selling without a license?


Cory Crosby, a local businessman, raised $1,120 through a fundraiser for the event, which wasn’t quite enough to cover the $4,100 he handed out.

with business practice like that he will be out of business real soon (unless of course he was “reselling”)


It would appear he actually has a license. The article didn’t mention it but I did some snooping on Google.


IF, he does then I imagine they’d need serial numbers/paper trail, IF, he did and they didn’t …


Seriously think that every gun owner ought to do this at each one of these events…bankrupt the idiots doing the buybacks.


A very cool idea that.
Wonder if cheapo airguns can be turned in for cash, too.


Not considered a firearm.

But I have seen people sell $9 30 round “high capacity” magazines to these buybacks for $30 making an easy $20~ profit.

It reminds me when the Gutenberg Bible was being printed. The Church of England bought a bunch of the Bible’s to keep them from entering England, which just allowed Gutenberg to print many more and send even more in because of it.