Management announcement


Hello FULL30

I’d like to introduce @luke_admin to you all, he has been recruited to help FULL30 with business management / administration and at the moment is responsible for getting a few new channels added.

I believe we’ll see @CloverTac , @GhostTactical & @GunCraft101 posting videos possibly this week.

I’ll let Luke fill you in on his plans after that.

I may have fibbed a bit and told him you all were a decent bunch but he’ll figure it out soon enough :sunglasses:


Hey there Luke, nice to meet ya.


@luke_admin, Hello…thank you in advance for getting this awesome website up and running


time to dance
What we have here is a Failure to Communicate.
sorry wrong Luke

let’s make things happen


Where is he? I havnt seen any posts and you are doing his intro…seems sketchy


Hello @luke_admin






Welcome to the ghost admin. :ghost: @luke_admin


who? what are you talking about?


@Sonny reload for Joe


:ammo: Arms in the hands of citizens may be used at individual discretion in private self defense.

John Adams



Hey Luke!

(I assume he’s the quiet type)


So is this Luke fellow real or more of an alter ego / imaginary friend? Not judging, just curious


hey @luke_admin


Welcome @luke_admin


Welcome Luke



Waiting on @luke_admin to post to prove existence.

P.S. banning me is not proof of existence, btw.