Mans best friend


My 3 year old spoiled shepherd…


Thanks for sharing you all.
My wife is deathly allergic, so no pets at our house.
Looking at yours is about as close as I can get.


I have a T-shirt that says: “We got rid of the kids. The cat was allergic.”


My dog tore his acl. One surgery and 3,500 dollars later, here he is on leash walks only for the next six weeks.


Damn! How did he do that? That’s a whole lot of suck.


He was just running after a ball. Apparently it happens with big dogs though. He gets his staples out next week.


My greyhound chases this rabbit that constantly gets in our backyard. My poor hound sometimes slams the fence when the rabbit escapes under it right when he is about to take a nibble.


And you don’t get this on video?


Its always at night.



She’s waiting to ambush the ups driver…


This is our loveable mutt!


A lover not a fighter yea?


They are sisters.


No ups man good he brings us parts! What is it about that truck they hate? LOL


Our guy carries bacon treats, that’s her goal. Lol


Izzy. We lost her yesterday.


Sorry to hear that!


Sorry to hear. Losing a dog is tough.
Thoughts are with you.


Sorry for your loss. It’s so difficult to lose a beloved pet.