Mans best friend


Well thanks guys.


That’s a shame…

Looked young too!

Sorry for your loss!!


Uhh well im not sure of her exact age but she wasnt young. We had her for 8 years. I think she was 2 when we got her. Maybe 1. She was well cared for tho.


@gunarchy, It always breaks my :broken_heart: to hear someone losing a beloved pet sorry for your loss.


I feel for you . We had to have our 15 year old Brittany put down this summer and it leaves a hole in your heart.


So sorry for your loss.


Thanks man


Sorry to hear about Izzy Brother. I lost my boy Cobalt a few years ago. He always went with me shooting!


@switchpod, Cobalt wow that’s a hunter right there!




Oh no. :frowning: Breaks my heart to hear about a pet loss. Worse thing I’ve ever had to experience.


You guys are making me sad here. My turn.

Lost our little princess Hannah in 2013 but it still hits me HARD to this day. Told my wife when we lose our greyhound I’m gonna need some time off from everything.


They are truly Man’s best friend!


Thanks @SAK. He was! ducks and pheasants mostly.
he would quite literally swim all day long and sleep really hard after words.


They are. Life would suck without them.


I’m very sorry for your loss.


So true. I’ve said “last one” too many times:cry:
Usually takes the new one 6 months to train me.


Labs are the best man.


We call him Optimus Prime.



And Shooter