Mans best friend


Cool name :+1:

He’s adorable too!


@Wildlife Thanks my friend, the children named him. Most loyal protective dog I’ve had yet. He would chew through a steel wall to protect me or the family!


Now that I am doing this posting… all offers of a free transfer if you can figure out how we came up with the name of The Rogue Banshee are off.





We still have Shiner. Hes hilarious.


All of our dogs are rescue dogs.

Rogue is some kind of Lab Mix while Banshee was (she passed away a few years ago) a Kelpie mix.


My Lab-Tiger mix


I’d hate to be a burglar breaking in to your house! That SOB could rip your throat out!:fearful:


My little Tessa back home. I had a beagle growing up that was great, and very smart. Tessa the pitbull, my roommate and I adopted about 2-3 years ago now, and while she lacks the wits of my childhood pet, she is the sweetest most loving dog I’ve ever known. Goofy as hell, but every time I go back to visit she cant wait for naps on the couch with me. Been hard not being with her since moving, but I get regular snapchats of her from my buddies to hold me over between visits. She lives a pretty darn good life for sure!


The green couch was taken on her first and only camping trip. To say the least, she isn’t very outdoorsy, and didn’t move far from the couch at any given time lol


Really nice photos Nick!

Pitts are great aren’t they?

Smart, loveable and yes protective. No different than most any other guarddog really.

Just need to train, love, feed them. Give them what they need…

Never fear them!

I have two of them now.

Both of them I have rescued where people have dropped them off in the middle of nowhere. I can’t help myself not to bring them home and take care of them. It’s sad, but true unfortunately.

TieDye is harmless, unless one tries to act real stupid around me, then they’ll get to see what an 85# pitt is really like up close and personal.

Right now he’s trying to stay cool during this heatwave we’ve been having lately. I work a lot out of my shop and I do not have AC in it. Just shop fan and he’s enjoying every bit of the cool breeze at this very moment :grinning:


Thanks so much! And yes they’re wonderful dogs! Yours looks to be slightly bigger than Tessa. For a lazy couch lounger, she is a little ball of muscle!


I got one of those demon/panther mixes


I’m sorry that I keep posting on my big bully pitbull, but I just can’t help myself :blush:

Then take two :joy:

Just wanted to share with everyone just how safe I feel at this very moment from any type of trespasser :rofl:


Life’s hacks…




Sad to hear. Definitely a loss to the family. We have Christmas ornaments made from ours, with the paw print, when their time is up. It’s tough but, we never forget them.


My constant companion and best buddy Ruby, a Greater Swiss Mountain dog… most loving dog I’ve ever been owned by. Always trying to be close, loves to tuck her head under my chin, and will sit and stare into my eyes for long periods of time. Sadly she’s developed Wobblers Syndrone which is reduced strength and control in her rear end. No more walkie or bikes but there’s plenty of time for that down the road…


This is Milo. He’s a Sheppard mix rescue about 7 years old.

This is Monkey. He’s a Lab and Beagle mix and almost 2.


Both are rescue dogs and spoiled rotten.


My girl