Mans best friend


What a great smile! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:





Every time I try to eat anything. You’d think I’d be skinny, lol. :joy::joy:


You know there’s something wrong in the universe when dogs only live a decade or so and reptiles live as long as we do.


Brat found her Christmas present & stole it early! Lol!a 3foot rawhide candy cane


Ha! Yeah that would be hard to hide from your dog!


It was “physically” hidden, but she has a great nose! Lol


This is exactly what happened to our lemon beagle. She is adorable though.


How bout a cuddle?


Cute little buggers😍


They look mad. Cute, but mad.


Only Rocky’s mad. He’s on the bottom.


That’s to bad. Give him some snuggles for me.


Just little Opie waiting patiently for a treat.


Rsquare, is little Opie Olde English bulldogge? he’s bad ass :+1:


Actually He is an American Bull Dog. He is a beast, was a gift to my youngest daughter when she graduated collage.


I am going to have to post a couple of pics of the friend we used to have.


Trying to make my wife’s lap her new favorite place. Doesn’t fit. That’s them crazy eyes.

Yay… Christmas again… and my favorite place walked off into the kitchen. But I am still sitting like a big girl.


No one can resist those…