Mans best friend


Probably the best friend, and the smartest dog I even had. One we had to leave behind when moving here.




Couldn’t take her on the plane with us.



Lone Wolf McQuade touched on the subject earlier in the thread. The list keeps getting larger and larger, here’s a current list of recalled dog foods,



Probably same information, expanded update. Obviously these companies are sourcing ingredients from the same suppliers, probably china…


This is why our greyhound only gets this food wet or dry.

US made and sourced or nothing.


Thanks for the tip of the dog food, I’ve seen it in the grocery store, good price too!


Sure thing! It’s pretty easy to introduce too since it’s real ingredients. Start mixing it in to your normal dog food until completely changed over to avoid gastrointestinal issues with a drastic food change. The Peak is about $5~8 more but so far we haven’t seen much difference to warrant that extra monies.

Amazon prime sometimes has a good deal on this food too.