Mans best friend


Probably the best friend, and the smartest dog I even had. One we had to leave behind when moving here.




Couldn’t take her on the plane with us.



Lone Wolf McQuade touched on the subject earlier in the thread. The list keeps getting larger and larger, here’s a current list of recalled dog foods,



Probably same information, expanded update. Obviously these companies are sourcing ingredients from the same suppliers, probably china…


This is why our greyhound only gets this food wet or dry.

US made and sourced or nothing.


Thanks for the tip of the dog food, I’ve seen it in the grocery store, good price too!


Sure thing! It’s pretty easy to introduce too since it’s real ingredients. Start mixing it in to your normal dog food until completely changed over to avoid gastrointestinal issues with a drastic food change. The Peak is about $5~8 more but so far we haven’t seen much difference to warrant that extra monies.

Amazon prime sometimes has a good deal on this food too.


Just noticed something about one of my dog’s toys I keep down at the shop. Is this Fu@ked up or is it just me?


I drive by a blow up Santa and Coke Polar bear everyday and it it always looks just …wrong…the way they have them set up,

I have no camera phone or this place would be full of day to day oddities,

like the 1 armed guy who just pushed what looked like all his possessions by in a wheel chair…

the real creepy ones are the people that drive up to the homeless, never know what they’re up to but when people aren’t pan handling and people drive up…seems weird


You need to get a camera phone! LOL but this bear is just wrong! It’s like having a tiger wishing season greetings from the ovens of Auschwitz


Or Doctor Kevorkian on the front of a get well soon card…


You could probably market that.


Think I’ve been beaten to it…


and Tomoe


Looks about right :laughing:




She looks like she would be cold if it weren’t for her fur coat.