Mantis X


So in another thread that addressed trigger control ( @TickledDog thank you ) mentioned the Mantis-X training system. So I looked at some reviews and decided it was time to access our “Ammo box o’ loose change” and I bought one.
Lovin’ it so far. Here a few screen shots. The thing records movement constantly then when a shot is detected it displays the few 10ths of a second before and after the shot. (Now sure of the actual durations.)
The blue line is Target hold, the yellow trigger press, x is the trigger break ( and where the shot would go ) and red is after the shot. (Recoil if this were live fire.
Gotta say I’m liking it out of the box and will be using it more to improve.

Same image zoomed in…


How does this work? is it just an iPhone app, or are the some extra parts to work with?


The device is a sensor that attaches to a rail on your gun. There are adapters for guns without rails like to mount on the bottom of a mag or barrel mounts for revolvers.
The software is free for iOS and Android devices. No computer connection as it’s all done via Bluetooth. And it seems to be updated regularly. There are more analysis screens than I’ve seen on older review videos. But there are plenty of those and I think the possibilities are endless like maybe draw / fire analysis but not sure they’ll go there.
I got mine on Amazon for $159 just cuz I could get next day delivery. Think it’s $150 direct from them + perhaps shipping.


Is that a dry fire or live shot? I can’t wait for an update after you’ve used it for a little while.


That was dry. I’ll be taking it to the range this weekend sometime. I’ll post live fire results later.
Thanks again for the tip. There are a lot of junk trading aids out there. This is not one of them.