March 4th More Used... Presses, dies, bullets

Still have a couple of sets of dies from last week, 2 Lee turret presses (a 3 hole and a 4 hole), plus 3 more used sets came in. Also, had 3,000 38 cal 158 grain SWC (3 each 1,000 pks), Nosler 38 cal JHP (500 pack) and a few misc items came in and are posted on both our home page and in the Used and Discontinued page.

For the local folks, we have on consignment, a bunch of CCI pistol primers $20 a brick, these are mostly LPP Magnums. Also, IMR 4227 (7lbs opened) $100, and H4227 (8lbs) $100. These are for local pickup only.


Website is looking great,

Both like to see and hate to see the used equipment for sale

Love to get deals and hate to think the industry is contracting

I’m hoping to get set up this summer and will be keeping my eye on your site, its looking good :+1:


I looked at your website and I think you got good prices, add you to my bookmarks.


Did not find the 3 1000 36 caliber bullets must of sold them :frowning:

When you have time go to your web side and enter the correct caliber for .357, that is 36 caliber.

A 38 special is only called that because the loaded round is 38 caliber in diameter, not 38 caliber.

3 Likes are the SWC.

They are 38 caliber or 357 magnums, whichever you prefer.



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Sorry, but I can’t change the caliber to 36 caliber as it wouldn’t make sense. True, based upon the bullet diameter, 36 caliber would be correct. However, it is not a generally accepted measurement and would confuse many shoppers. I have to stay with what the majority of shoppers would use as a search/reference term.


I did the same.